Go Congress - Senior Tournament - American Go Association

Senior Tournament


Location:      Main Ballroom

Eligibility:     Ages 55 to 107

Director(s): Andreas Boerner


Four-round tournament for all seniors, young and old.


Registration: Just show up.


Format: Rounds will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Alternate times may be arranged by mutual agreement of both players and the TD, but each game must be finished on the assigned day.  A final playoff round to decide the winners _may_ be scheduled on Friday night by the TD, if needed.


Time Limit: 45 minutes per player; 3 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds each.  Players may also choose to play without a clock.


Rating Criteria: All games are rated.


Rules: AGA rules should be used. Komi for white is 7.5 points.


Handicaps: Normal handicap rules are in effect.  See the Self-Paired Tournament page for how to calculate handicaps.


Results: Game reporting slips will be available on site. The winner should be circled, and the loser should sign the slip; put completed slips in the box in the reporting area.


Winners: Prizes will be awarded to the top players in Dan and Kyu divisions.