US Go Congress 2024

July 13-21

All Congress events take place in the Smith Memorial Student Union at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201. Check-in is in the Vanport room on the 3rd floor (turn left then right when exiting the elevator). The Info Desk and Main Playing area are in the Ballroom on the 3rd floor (turn right when exiting the elevator). Check out our Transportation Guide for getting to the venue and our Dining Guide for suggestions on where to eat while you are here.


We are passed the Standard Registration Deadline, so registrants signing up after June 15 will incur a late registration fee of $50.

Dining at Go Congress

by Stew

Blog Post: There have been some last second changes to the dining situation. We have lost one option, but from its ashes rise a bunch of new dining options. There are tons of places to eat within blocks of Go Congress, here's some of our recommendations!

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What to Expect

There are a variety of events that are held every year at Congress, from tournaments to pro lectures to excursions and community events. Some of these are different from year to year depending on the location, so here’s an idea of what we have planned so far for this year’s Congress.

US Open

The centerpiece of the US Go Congress is the annual US Open, the largest and most prestigious Go tournament in North America. The US Open is open to players of all levels and attracts top players from around the world! Attending the US Go Congress is an excellent opportunity to improve your Go skills, meet other players, and immerse yourself in the Go community. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is something for everyone at the US Go Congress.


The North American Masters is a tournament between the strongest amateur and professional players invited from all over the world. Enjoy the live spectacle of Go being played at the highest level, with insightful commentary from seasoned pros!


Kids and youth are VERY welcome at the Go Congress! Youth of all experience levels are welcome in the US Open and all the same events as adults, and can also enjoy hanging out in our youth room. (Ages 17 and under must have a designated guardian on-site. Adults should be warned that their children may outrank them by the end of the Congress!)


We've invited 17 pros to come give lectures, reviews and play simul games to help players study and improve their Go. Whether you're a double-digit kyu or a highly-rated dan player, there's sure to be something for you!

Specialty Tournaments

Every evening we run a one-night casual tournament, including 9x9, 13x13, Lightning Go, and Crazy Go. Have you ever wondered what Go would be like on a polygonal board? Or what if there were 4 colors of stones instead of just 2?

Why Portland

Portland, OR is a gorgeous, walkable city! We have lots of delicious food, and a wonderful venue at Portland State University. From the Japanese Garden and International Rose Garden to Powells City of Books, there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy when you're not enjoying a week of amazing Go games and lectures!


Adult Member $450 ($60 per day)
Youth (Age 22 or lower) $225 ($30 per day)
Non-participant $110 ($15 per day)

For people registering for less than the complete time: When registering for congress, choose “pay later” then email with the amount of days you want. It is a 2 day minimum for per day pricing.

Youth Scholarships

To help offset the cost for young people attending the Congress, the American Go Foundation (AGF) provides scholarship funding.

Youth who played in any of the main online events (Redmond Cup, North American Kyu Championship, AGA Girls Cup) can apply for a $200 Tournament Scholarship.

Youth may also apply for a separate $300 by writing an essay, for a total of $500 per person. There are 20 scholarships allotted for the US, with 5 more for Canada and Mexico. All scholarships are first-come first-serve.

Apply for either or both scholarships by filling out an application for youth scholarships.

College-Age Scholarships

Participants must be 26 or younger and actively enrolled in college. Graduate and undergraduate students are both eligible for a $200 scholarship. All scholarships are first-come first-serve, with 20 allotted for the US and 5 allotted to be split between Canada and Mexico.

Apply for College-Age Scholarship Note: choose the College option from the top menu to pull up the correct form.

Housing and Transportation

Housing Options

The 2024 US Go Congress has partnered with Portland State University and several nearby hotels to offer a variety of housing options within convienient walking distance of the Go Congress venue.

  1. University Place Hotel. An affordable hotel offering private rooms on a budget. Call 1-(866)-845-4647 and tell them you're with the American Go Congress!
  2. Hotel Zags. Upscale accommodations, offering suites and rooms. Fully booked!
  3. Hotel Vance. Chic, modern hotel offering standard rooms. Fully booked!
  4. Ondine Hall & Broadway Hall. Low-cost dormitory accommodations. Fully booked!

More details are available on our housing page.


It is not necessary to rent a car or take a taxi to get to the Go Congress! For just $2.90, you can take the MAX Light Rail system from the airport directly to the Portland State University campus.
Light Rail
Frequently Asked Questions
How strong a player do I need to be to come?
Players of all skill levels are welcome! The Go Congress has historically attracted a range of skill levels from brand new inexperienced people learning to play Go for the first time, all the way up to professionals and high-level amateurs. People of all levels will have plenty of opportunities to play, learn and share in the joy of Go.
I don't really have any friends who'd want to go!
That's OK! The Go Congress is a very welcoming and social atmosphere where people make new friendships all the time.
I want to do more than just play Go all week!
No problem! There's tons to do in the Portland area. We have planned excursions if you would like an organized trip, and there's plenty of opportunity to go off on your own or with friends.
What time should I arrive and leave?
Most people will arrive on Saturday morning or afternoon, July 13, and leave on Sunday morning, July 21, after breakfast.
Time Zone
Portland, OR is on US Pacific Daylight Time. (PDT, UTC-7)
Is there cell phone service?
Yes! Portland State University is located in the middle of Downtown, and has excellent cell coverage from all major carriers.
Is there wireless internet access?
Yes! Free wifi is available at the Smith Memorial Student Union, where the Go Congress is held.
Can I get a meal plan?
No. This is a change from what was originally communicated to us, but it turns out Meal plans cannot be purchased anymore. Meal plans are only available for those staying in the dorms. However, there are multiple dining options inside SMSU (the venue where events take place) and a ton of nearby restaurants, food carts and cafes.
Can I eat other places besides the University?
Yes! There are many restaurants and food carts nearby the campus. On Saturday mornings, you can also enjoy fresh food from the Portland Farmer's Market, which is located right outside the Smith Memorial Student Union where the Congress is held.
Can I attend Congress for part of the week?
Yes! For people registering for less than the complete time, when registering for congress, choose “pay later” then email with the amount of days you want. It is a 2 day minimum for per day pricing.
What is the weather like?
Weather in the summer tends to be sunny and warm. We do occasionally still see some light rain in July. Summer winds tend to be gentle, and our humidity is fairly low, and never muggy! Temperatures typically see highs of about 80°F - 85°F in the daytime, and lows of about 55°F - 60°F. In Celsius, those are highs of about 26°C - 30°C, and lows of about 12°C - 16°C. Sunrise will be a little after 5:30am, with sunset coming just before 9:00pm.
How do I change my reservation?
Due to a limitation of our new software, editing registrations after submission is not possible by registrants. Please contact the Registrar directly at
I don't have a credit card. How can I make a payment?
A credit card is preferred, since it’s the only way to automatically record payment to your Congress account, but we do accept PayPal and personal checks. For details about paying by PayPal or personal check, please contact the Registrar directly at Also, check in with Matt about this!
What is the refund / cancellation policy?
You can cancel your registration any time before the Congress! There is a cancellation fee of $25 per registration for cancellations before June 1st. After June 1st, the cancellation fee will be $50.
What if I’m not currently an AGA member?
To register as part of the Congress, you must be a current member of the American Go Association. If you are not a member, sign up by clicking Join the AGA. If your membership has lapsed, Sign In to your account and renew your membership.
Do I have to register if I am not playing or going to lectures?
Anyone who uses the Congress for rooms, meals, or discounts must be registered at Congress. We recognize that there may be family members that will not be interested in participating in Go events, like tournaments and lectures from Professional Go Teachers. For these we have the much-reduced registration fee for Non-Participants of $100 for the week. Non-Participants also get a t-shirt and other congress gifts. The guardian of under-age youth participants must be registered at the Congress.
What is the youth policy?
Each youth (age 17 and younger) must have a designated adult on-site who is also a registered attendee at the Congress and agrees to watch over the youth and be responsible for their behavior. This adult will either be a Legal Guardian (parent or otherwise), or someone assigned to be the “Attending Guardian” at the Congress. The Legal Guardian must fill out and sign one of the agreement forms on the Youth Participants page, and submit it before or during Congress registration. If an Attending Guardian is used, that adult must also sign the form to acknowledge responsibility.
What should I put for my rank?
In most cases you should use your current AGA rating. During registration, leave the field set to "Use AGA rating." If you think you have a significantly different rank, enter the rank and an explanation (and prepare to be challenged by the Tournament Coordinator on check-in day :-) ). If you don't have an AGA rating, but do have one from a different organization please consult Sensei's Library for guidance. The Tournament Coordinator will have the final say.
What about alcohol, tobacco, etc?
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus, nor are vaping, incense, candles, or other combustibles. The dorm rooms have smoke detectors. The use of marijuana and other controlled substances are not allowed anywhere on campus. Although marijuana is legal for recreational use in the State of Oregon, it is unlawful to consume marijuana in public places. Alcohol is not permitted at the Go Congress itself, though drinking is allowed in the privacy of rented dorm rooms as long as no minors are present. We will have catered beer and wine available at the awards ceremony. Also, there are many places within walking distance of campus where you can enjoy what you wish. :)
What about bringing pets?
No pets are allowed, with the exception of service animals.
What about people with disabilities?
The Smith Memorial Student Union is equipped with ramps and elevators. The PSU dormitories have ADA dorm rooms available. For hotel options, please check with the specific hotel about availability of needed accommodations.
What if I have an emergency?
If there is a health emergency, contact any PSU or Go Congress staff member immediately to get help, or call 911.
Will the Congress be requiring masks or other COVID measures?
Please see the Covid Policy.
So what are you waiting for?