Go Congress - Pair Go Championship - American Go Association

North American Pair Go Championship

Location:      Main Ballroom

Eligibility:     Everyone

Director(s): Steve Zhang, Andrew Zhang


Two-round team tournament with teams made up of one male and one female player*. The players may not consult with each other during the game. Formal or semi-formal dress is encouraged.

* Any and all mixed-gender teams are allowed in the Main Event.  Same-gender teams are also allowed, but at least one player must be kyu level.

Main Event

  1st round Thursday (7/18) at 7 p.m., 2nd round Thursday (7/18) at 8:30pm.

Registration: Sign up before Wednesday (7/17) at 10 p.m. for the main event. All teams must include the name of the male and female players by the time registration closes.  Sign-up sheets will also be available prior to the tournament.  Professional players are allowed to join the main event, but cannot be selected for the IAPGC Qualifier.

            Pair Go Sign-Up Form

Winners:  Table winners will receive recognition and Go Bucks.

IAPGC Qualifier

There is no International Amateur Pair Go Championship (IAPGC) this year.


Basic Rules:  
Japanese Rules are in effect.

Pair Go Rules:  In addition to the basic rules, special rules by the WPGA governing four-person play are in effect.

WPGA logo - Pair Go

   Official Pair Go Rules

Format: Four pairs of players are assigned to each table.  The winners of round 1 will be paired in round 2 to determine the table winners.  The losers of round 1 will be paired in round 2 to determine the 3rd and 4th place winners.


Handicaps: Even games for the top four ranked pairs, handicapped games for everyone else.  Handicaps are determined by averaging the player ranks on each team.

Rating Criteria: Games are not rated.


Time Limit: 45 minutes per team absolute.  (No byo-yomi periods, so use your time wisely!)