PSU Dorm Rooms

Nearby Hotels

Note, these hotels are just as close (or even closer!) to the Go Congress than the PSU dorm rooms!

  1. University Place Hotel
  1. Hotel Vance
  1. Hotel Zags

Meal Plan

PSU will be offering cafeteria food on a meal plan to those who are interested. If you are signing up to stay in the dormitories, you can buy your meal plan along with your housing. Meals cost $10.25 for Breakfast, $11.55 for Lunch, and $13.65 for Dinner. Meals can also be purchased at the door.

If you are staying somewhere else, you can prepay for your meal plan via the PSU Housing Portal HERE. It is not necessary to rent a PSU dorm room to get a meal plan. Everyone will be able to buy meals at the door, so you don’t need a meal plan to eat at PSU.